Christian Aid Week 10-16th May

May 8, 2020 -- Posted by : admin

“Don’t wash your hands”

Christian Aid faces a huge dilemma this year.  For decades, it has relied on the generous donations of
the general public to fund its overseas aid and development programmes aimed at alleviating
poverty and addressing crisis situations.  Last year the total raised was in excess of £8m and engaged
around 57,000 volunteers.  This year, due to Covid-19, there are no door-to-door collections, but we
are still being encouraged to donate.  This year the focus is on Kenya, which is experiencing its worst
drought in living memory, and now has Coronavirus to contend with too.  The prospect is extremely
worrying.   What were we all told to do to combat Coronavirus?  “Wash your hands”.  Well, that’s
not difficult if you have soap and water.  Christian Aid is helping Kenyan’s to build water traps and
dams, without which many will die from a basic lack of water and hygiene.  We remember from Holy
Week how when Pontius Pilate could not find any fault in Jesus he ‘washed his hands’ claiming to be
“innocent of this man’s blood” (Matt 27:24).   Please let’s not “wash our hands” of the plight of our
Kenyan brothers and sisters.  If you can, please donate a little something to Christian Aid this year.
There is also an online petition calling for the government to cancel the debt of some of the poorest
countries to help them survive.
You can give via the ““groups name” Christian Aid Just Giving”.See
You can give directly here:

For further information please contact Chris Platel on 332466


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