The bells rang out

Jul 9, 2020 -- Posted by : Tina.Lightfoot

And the bells rang out


Did you hear the bells ring out on Sunday morn?

Silent for too many weeks

No bells to rejoice at our Lord’s resurrection

No bells to signal the gift of His spirit

No bells to celebrate the joining of lovers

No bells to mourn the loss of those dearly loved

The bells have been silent but God has not

He has comforted the dying and wept with those who mourn

He has clapped for those who cared

He’s laughed at our ‘lockdown’ haircuts

And He's sung at online worship 

But now we can break our Eucharistic fast.

Now we can come to our Lord’s table, invited and loved 

Now we can receive his presence and continue his work which never stopped.

Did you hear the bells ring out on Sunday morn?


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