Churchyard Working Group

The churchyard was constructed in a circular pattern in the early Christian era, like some others in the Chester area. Currently it is still an open churchyard. At the end of 2017 a new cremated remains area was made as there were few spaces left. A Faculty was granted for this.

A public footpath runs along the west boundary wall which is currently being monitored as there are some old and large yew trees growing alongside the structure, which may cause problems in the future.

Since November 2016 the maintenance of the churchyard has been done regularly by the Probation Service Community Payback team aided every month by a Churchyard Working Party of volunteers. A lunch of soup, bread and cheese is provided by one of the volunteers and is excellent for fellowship and morale. The success of this venture is evident by the praise given by people walking through the area or visiting graves. Dates for the working party can be found in the weekly news sheet, parish website, and on the noticeboards.

New volunteers are always welcome, no experience necessary. Please contact Mike Lightfoot on 07787421357


St James' Church

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