It is a great joy to welcome you to our new website. More content and features will be added in the coming months. Hopefully, not scaring you with my photo on the front page will be one of them.

The Church of England Parish of St. James, Christleton in the Diocese of Chester seeks to serve the communities of Christleton, Cotton Abbotts, Cotton Edmonds, Littleton, and Rowton. It has been doing this, serving local people, for a very long time - a church on the site of St. James was likely in existence since before the 7th Century. The current one was designed by the distinguished Victorian Architect William Butterfield and was completed in 1876. 

It's an especially exciting time for us at the moment. We are listening with the ear of our hearts to what God might be calling us to be and do as a church community. Whatever shape this takes, we know that it will involve living in love with each other and the communities we are part of. For in this way we will live in God and God will live in us and transform our communities. We warmly invite you to be part of this journey in the years to come, standing in continuity and with thanksgiving for those who have gone before us and those who will follow us.

With my love and prayers,




St James' Church

Pepper Street
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